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Rene_M.  René Manders Besides teamcaptain René drives the Eurocup competition, repairs the tractor and provides the delivery for al required components.
Karin  Karin Hendriks Karin drives the A-division competition and occasionally the Eurocup. she is also the contact for the sponsors, arrange catering and maintains the website.
Eric_M.  Eric Manders Eric takes care of the daily maintenance of Bad Boy's Toy with specialization checking valves. During demo pulls he drives the tractor and he is assistant at the track.
Louis Louis v Duinhoven                   Hydraulic and construction are Louis part, working at the tractor where necessary and assisted at the track.
Eric_V.  Eric Verhoeven The millingwork of Bad Boy's Toy is at Eric in good hands. During the pulls he films all runs.
Andre André van Vilsteren        André and his camera are inseparable and that often creates nice pictures. Also he takes a part of the repairing, electra and construction.
Sander  Sander Meulendijks Sander delineate several segment before they go into production, next to it he repairs and take pictures for the website.
Henri  Henri Munsters Working on a MF was not strange for Henri. He also carry out various activities within the team and helping on the track.

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